Are you tired of stress?

Are you tired of family battles?

Are you tired of feeling stuck? 

Lets talk about how mastering your inner world means that you can take back charge of your thoughts - be more resilient when life doesn't go your way - be finally free of the stress that makes everything feel so damn hard  - and build happier relationships and families.

Feels out of reach right now.....see how I can help you get a glimpse of that clarity and peace of mind that seems so far away.....but is really so much closer that you have ever imagined.  



Good News

You have every reason to be hopeful that it is really possible to see real change in your life. Transforming old habits and limiting beliefs by using subtractive psychology.

No controlling your thoughts.

No techniques to remember under stress.

No re-churning of past mistakes by you or others.

Just a series of powerful conversations that allow you to quieten your mind, understand the true source of all your upset and time to reconnect to yourself so that you feel less lost. 

Sounds too simple to be true?

Let's talk...........and you can see for yourself how even one conversation can be life changing for my happy clients


Do It Your Way

Tell me where you are feeling stuck  - where you need more support - how you want things to change - and we will create a life you love ......... together

Tailor made packages to suit your circumstances, online or in person.

You choose the destination..........and I will show you the map.

Get In Touch

All you need is 20 seconds of courage to book a FREE breakthrough call and you will feel immediately calmer and clearer,  Your tailor made action plan will begin the transformation of your life that you always hoped for........but until now........never thought was possible.

My Practice

Conversations in North or Central London. Worldwide support online and by phone. Packages to support and mentor you through thick and thin. Experienced and client focussed, tailored to your needs.


"I call her the white witch (in the nicest possible way) ..... because I have changed so much and feel so much calmer, but I have no idea how this has all happened, after all.......       all we did was talk."

— Nichola, London


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Public Speaking and Workshops

I  am happy to speak on a range of topics for groups, corporates and podcast interviews. Group Workshops are also available.