Tailored packages to suit your pocket and your need



Teens: 12-20 Years

The Turnaround Troubled Teens programme is for any young person struggling to resolve problems in family relationships, at school, with bullying, exams or social anxiety. Transforming whatever is holding you back, freeing you from fear and anxiety once and for all.

1/4 Life: 20-30 years

Feeling stuck, lacking motivation and direction. Done everything you were supposed to but still at a dead-end? 

Unlock your true potential, revitalise those dreams, upgrade your skillset for the workplace and the dating game. Rediscover your innate secure base from which to launch yourself into the world.

Adults, Couples and Parents

A programme that puts you first. When the you are happy, the whole family is happy. Giving you new strategies and tools for self care that transform even the most difficult of  relationships. Banish the stress, manage your work life balance fall in love again and take back control.


Did you start a business to be free but now work longer hours?                   Do you feel you are stagnating at work?                                                             Do you dream of setting up your business?

This is a programme of mentoring and support for your goals. Get a promotion, write that book, build that start up, take a holiday every month - it is all possible and more. 

Public Speaking

Book me to give an inspirational talk at your event.


Let me help you overcome your fear of public speaking. 


One to One in Person

Meeting on a regular basis at my North London Clinic to have a series of powerful conversations that will change the way you look at life forever. A stepping stone to living the life you love and deserve.

One to one Remotely

Meeting on a regular basis by internet or phone.  Cost effective and convenient. No loss in the power of the sessions or the level of transformation you can achieve. Excellent for your busy schedule.

Group Sessions

Regular online meet ups with a group of like minded people.  This has the advantage of learning through other people's dilemmas and getting that connection with the human struggles we all face. A deep way to learn and gain insights into your life.

Intensives and Workshops

In person or online streaming.  Live immersion weekends that allow you to step away from your day to day and focus on you.  Benefit from the group in the room and deep insightful breakthroughs in just 2 days.


In Person 4-5 day live events that allow you to deeply immerse yourself in a new understanding. Leaving you feeling refreshed, re-energised and full of ideas and excitement for your life and dreams. This will really transform your world.