I now feel like a weight has been lifted, I didn’t realise how much effect fear was having on me generally, it was going on all the time in the background. When I look back now I can see how I was viewing it before.........it was like every situation needed controlling because it was the most dangerous thing. But now I’m seeing everything more clearly and instead of fear........... I only see excitement for what is possible for me.
— Katie Spencer

Happy Clients


I just wanted to tell you that I've now only got two GCSE exams left and so far they have been going like a dream. I've been so much more relaxed and I'd just like to thank you for being such a great help.

Today I took my first maths paper, which I anticipated to be my worst exam and it was miles better........I can't thank you enough

— Hollie 

I just wanted to say a huge 'thank you' and how much we enjoyed the sessions with you this past year. It's given us both an invaluable insight into habitual ways we once dealt with each other......but that has all changed and we are the happiest we have ever been as a couple, ready to face whatever lies ahead with great excitement and ready to create the happy family we always wanted.

— Nik & Anna Shadrach

I have absolutely loved this year with you - thank you so much. I have hugely valued your sensible advice and clear approach. Seems it's the best investment I've made in years, and I've been encouraging friends to follow suit.

— Rachel O'Brian

So thank you.....You have definitely helped me to achieve something that seemed impossible even six or seven weeks ago. My wife says that my whole demeanour has transformed, and that I am much more relaxed and easy-going than I normally am. I am certainly very glad I came to see you.

— Daniel


Just wanted to say thank you so much for a great experience, it's been a very enlightening few days. I joined specifically to work on one problem..... not expecting the content or the workshop to be so informed/practical/interesting/scary/fun in equal measure. Your pragmatic down to earth approach was absolutely spot on, just solid principles and solid advice. Also feel I've met a great group of people too.

— Angela Nikica

At one point I truly thought my daughter would never even go to university and that her anxiety would just continue to limit her in every way but....... she has not only started but is settled and happy and anxiety free....how do I say thank you for that?

— Simon

Over the last few months the group calls have helped to change everything. I can't describe how or why, just that I feel clearer, calmer and more self assured. I am handling my kids differently and they are responding so well, I handle stress differently and it feels like a thing of the past........I look forward to speaking to you and the group every time, it is not to be missed.

— Sloan Gibson

Wow - 2 days and I feel like I have shed a skin. I can't even remember what I was complaining about or wanted fixed before we started, I feel I have moved on so much that all of that is irrelevant now. Look out world here I come!

— Chen